How to set up SketchUp with Office 365 in school

We are a Microsoft School (Office 356).
What steps do I have to do to set up SketchUp for the school?

I think you need to be whitelisted @Steve_Ketchup?
Then login here:


Thanks for your note. In order to access the SketchUp for Schools app, your district’s Microsoft 365 for Education Administrator will first need to deploy the app to your school’s domain (you can also specify other user groups such as teachers, clubs or departments). The following instructions from Microsoft should walk you through the steps to deploy SketchUp for Schools through your admin account: Manage products and services in Microsoft Store for Business (Windows 10) | Microsoft Learn

Please let me know if you continue to receive a login error message after you have completed the standard process to deploy the SketchUp for Schools app through your Microsoft account.

To whitelist: our domain is .kov be
My e-mail

@geert.thijs.technov I have added you to our whitelist, you should now be able to access SketchUp for Schools without an issue.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Hi, could you add our school domain to the whitelist? It is
School website

@iraveveling I’ve added you to the whitelist, please let me know if you have any other trouble logging in!

Hi Steve,

Thanks, it’s still saying ‘we are having trouble connecting’ unfortunately. Do I need to open any ports or whitelist URLs on our firewall?



Hi @iraveveling can you try logging in from an incognito window or clearing your browser cache? If possible, it may also help to whitelist the domain on your firewall.

I think however that the login issue is on our side. In many cases Google mistakes an edu email domain for a commercial one. If there are any subdomains in use by your school (i,e. please let me know so I can add them to our whitelist.

@Steve_ketchup could you please add our microsoft office365 school domain to the whitelist? thank you very much.
our domain name:
many greets Fabiano

Hi Steve,

It looks like it’s our firewall blocking it in some way, I tried it on a laptop using my phone’s internet and it connected, using the same laptop on the school wireless gave the error message. Does sketchup ping a URL to see if it’s got a network connection? If so can you tell me which one and I’ll add a firewall rule to allow it,



Please add our domain to whitelist.
Our domain is

Thank You very much

@Osvaldas I have added your school domain to our whitelist so you should now be able to access SketchUp for Schools.

@PICTS08 I have added your domain to our whitelist. Please let me know if you have any additional issues accessing SketchUp.

Hi Ian, my apologies for the slow response. Are you still encountering the same issue accessing SketchUp for Schools?

Hi Steve,

We are, but I’ve got the students using the web based version and that is working well - especially at the moment as most are at home anyway :smile:



Okay, glad to hear that you are up and running with SketchUp Free. Just an FYI, we have removed the edu account requirement so students can now access SketchUp for Schools with their personal Gmail or MSFT email accounts from home.

Hi Steve,
I’ve been trying to set up two classes to SketchUp Education but keep being told our admin needs to approve it. I have called our district office and our state ICT desk but no-one seems to know how. we are a domain and students have access to Microsoft emails.
Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately I can’t provide more insight into the Microsoft side of things. The following support article from Microsoft has a few tips for locating the appropriate admin for your school. Just out of curiosity has this issue not come up with other educational apps you use?

From there, your admin will need to login to the Microsoft Office Admin Center and approve the app for use on your domain. Office 365 admin center overview - YouTube

I hope this helps!

@Steve_Ketchup Could you please help to add our school domain to the whitelist? Thank you very much!