Do I need to whitelist our domain to get access to Sketchup?

My users are unable to log in to Sketchup with their Microsoft 365 login. Th error: “Pick an account
There was an issue with looking up your account. Tap Next to try again.”

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I don’t think you would have to whitelist it, I have used sketchup for schools before but i used my school email, and not my office 360 login

OK, thank you. But my users only have Office 365 accounts. How will I resolve the access issue for these users? My initial searches in the forums suggest White-listing, but I cannot find the process to do this anywhere.

SketchUp for Schools is only accessible to users with a Microsoft 360 education account. Standard Microsoft accounts are considered commercial users and will not be able to access our educational tools.

@jon.ward can you confirm that you are with a K-12 school using an education account? If so, please provide me with the email domain used by students and teachers so we can add you to our whitelist. The account verification system has trouble with domains it suspects are commercial or higher-ed (i.e. .org, .com. .edu) so we need to bypass this on our end.


The schools domain is
The website is

We are a private secondary school in central London, please take a look at our website for confirmation.

Do we need to send you this request from our domain address for validation if you need…?

I am unable to login to SketchUp for Schools using Google Authentication and I have loaded the application and whitelisted it and approved for everyone. Sounds like I need to get my domain whitelisted as well. Is that correct?

@jon.ward I have added your domain to our whitelist. Please try logging in again and let me know if you have any additional issues.

@jlogan Yes it sounds like that’s the issue. Can you please provide me with your school’s email domain so I can add you to our whitelist?

Absolutely - it is

Please also add our domain.

We are trying to access SketchUp for Schools through the Windows Store app and through the site: My admin account appears to work fine, but no one else is able to get past the credential page requiring admin to sign in.