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Hi, Just started looking at Sketchup for schools. We are a Microsoft school and have a mix of Windows 10 and Windows 7 computers. I have added the app to our organisation within 365, and am looking at assigning licenses. Is there a way to assign to whole school rather than assigning individually?

I have test assigned to myself and clicked it in my Microsoft apps on 365 but it just takes me to the page rather than actual sketchup. Any help appreciated!

Have you read here:

I think @joy would need to whitelist your domain.

Yeh, I couldn’t find much help on the Microsoft setup, it all seems to be about G Suite. Im guessing we need to use Azure to add the users but also wanted to know if this is dynamic or if we would have to add new people when they start at the school.

Hi @JennyJ

Once you add SketchUp for School to your organization, you don’t need to assign licenses. Anyone already within your organization can access SketchUp for Schools by logging in with their Microsoft credentials at this link: SketchUp

If you’re still having issues logging in, that’s when we can add you to the whitelist.


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Hi Joy,

Thanks for the info. It seems that I have to add users to sketchup enterprise application in Azure AD and then it lets them sign in, it wont let them sign in if I have not done this.
Can you tell me, if I add an email group containing all of our staff or students for example, is this then dynamic and will keep updating users for sketchup, or will I have to add new starters when they start at school before they are able to sign in?



Hi @JennyJ unfortunately I cannot be of much help here as Microsoft’s user management functionality is out of my domain. Could you try reaching out to Microsoft for help with your question?