Changing license from free to school

Hi folks
At our school, we use office 365 A3 for faculty licenses.

When I first log into the portal
I used a Microsoft office 365 administrative account,
but in my profile license type
SketchUp Free. how to change the license type to a school license?

I already add app in my Microsoft 365 admin center, but still do not have licence.


Hi @LissaIT, thanks for the post. I am a little confused by your question here. I am happy to help you get things figured out though, but I have a few questions for you first.

First up, are you a k-12 school or district?

Yes sure we are using m365 A3 licenses

Sorry for the delay in my reply. Now that i know you are a k-12 school or district I can help you get things sorted out. I am still a little unclear on what you need though. Have you deployed the app yet or are you asking for instructions on how to deploy the app itself?

Once the app is successfully deployed, it is my understanding that it should be domain wide and not require any additional steps regarding the portal.

I dont know, why i cants see students on SketchUp in team.

I am not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate on what you need or are trying to do? I am happy to assist you, but I need to understand your request first.

on this page, i cant see students.

I am still not quite sure what you are asking here but we don’t have a built in Google classroom equivalent if you are asking about tracking students. If you are asking something else, please feel free to elaborate on it in another post or message me directly. I am really doing my best to try and understand your problems here but it is somewhat difficult to grasp when you make such short posts.