First Time Sign Up

Sorry is this is a stupid question.
I have signed up for the FREE Sketch up for Schools using my admin Office 365 account.
I did the allow access stuff and everything seemed OK.
My users for my domain can now log in, however there is nothing showing - I get the message “No products yet! You currently have no plans or products assigned to you”

I am new to sketchup, so i am not sure if I need to request a free licence ?


No worries @njr, deployment of new apps can be a tricky business. If you are trying to load the educational version of our web based app, make sure you deployed it correctly and that you have the right URL for your students. If you are running the desktop version and have purchased a full license I am happy to try and assist you with that too, but that is a different process so I’ll refrain from posting about that unless I hear back from you about that.

If you need a refresher on deploying the app, I’ll link it below in this post and in case you need the URL for SketchUp for Schools, it is here: SketchUp