Sign up questions and problems

I’ve been told to post here by Support so here goes:


1) Is it possible to get SketchUp Pro free for education in the UK? It says to contact my local authority but they will be clueless. Do you know of UK schools being able to sign up and, if so, how is this done?

2) I’ve tried using the online system. I clicked that I am an Administrator. Filled in my details. Then clicked the sign in with Microsoft option. I’ve signed in with my administrator details for Office 365 and ticked the option to allow Sketch up for the organisation. However I then get dropped back to an error message on the Sketchup site.
The error just gives me details on steps I need to take in g-suite, when we are not using Google.

Any advice on how to get going on any or all the options would be good. Ideally software so we don’t have to create Office 365 accounts for each pupil.

Thank you.

I am only jumping in here because I am also in the UK.

I guess what they mean in your item 1 is that Trimble do not have special offers for schools (or not in this country anyway). That leaves you with any funding you might get more locally, such as local authorities. If you are a teacher, you will know more about that than I do.

I can’t help with your second question. Sorry.

I’ve tried again with the online one today and still getting the same:
After I’ve clicked through and accepted the oauth for trimble/sketchup on Office 365.

(I know its been the weekend since my original post but any indication of timescale on a fix would be helpful if the regular forum users have experience of this kind of problem and fix?).

I’m still unable to sign up today. I’m really disappointed in the lack of response by Trimble to this and the domain validation thread :frowning:
Today I’m getting an additional error of: