School Acount


I would like to have access to the free Sktechup for Schools license for our middle school as we have an Office 365.
I’m having a problem creating the account because I’d like the technology teacher’s address to manage the sketchup part and not mine.
At the moment, only my account can manage this part and gives access to my OneDrive O365 account.

Can you get back to me to clarify how things work?

Thank you and have a nice day.

Best regards.

Hi @Mael, thanks for the post and sorry for the delay in my reply. I am happy to work with you to get you up and running with SketchUp for Schools. First up I’ll need a few things from you so I can verify a few things on my end. I am assuming you are working with a Microsoft environment, but I’ll need you to confirm that in a post. Can you confirm that you are using a Microsoft environment?

Hello thank you for your reply.
Yes I use a Windows Office 365 environment for school as we are a school.

Ok, great. Thanks for the clarification. That helps me a lot.

The way the app works is that we need someone to deploy the app who can act as an admin. That is usually a IT team member or teacher. Once they deploy the app, the app will be accessible to anyone on your domain with properly configured permissions. The app does however require the ability to access whatever drive you are configured to use so it can save and load projects that the students are working on. It should not allow anyone to see the contents of a different users drive.

Are your users seeing your drive content or other user’s drive content?

I’m the admin office, so I have all the rights.
The problem is that with my account, it uses my personal drive and I don’t want the students to be able to access it.
I’d like to put a teacher as “admin” but only for sketchup for school.
Thank you