Sketchup and office365

I cant get google sketchup to run through office365, it needs admin approval can you whitelist our domain please its

Google hasn’t had anything to do with SketchUp for more than ten years. Are you trying to run SketchUp for Schools?

Yes its sketchup for schools sorry, i am trying to get it to run through office365 but everytime I get the message needs admin approval when I run it as a student, if you can whitelist the domain name

I can’t whitelist it for you but perhaps @CaseyG can do that for you.

Thanks for the mention DaveR! For the record in case someone in the future sees this, it is always best to @ me if you need to be added to our database of approved domains. Also for the record, if you are running a Microsoft environment for your school or district, it handles authentication differently than a Google environment so I won’t actually need to add you for you to have access to SketchUp for Schools.

I’ll gladly add you anyway @david.irving, but my guess on what the issue is would be an improper deployment as that is one of the top issues I see. I’ll go ahead and link a video to this post so you can make sure you ran through the deployment process correctly. Once you have given that a try, let me know if you are up and running. If so, then all is well and if not, we can start the next steps on the troubleshooting process.

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Hi Casey, yep done all that already but the application is still saying needs admin approval

That is odd. If you are absolutely sure you are deploying the app as an admin and are following all the steps, you should be good to go. I have verified you are in our database and the servers are reporting that everything is okay so I know the problem is not that.

Are you using any apps on top of the Microsoft environment like a classroom management app or other similar apps? Some of those can, in rare cases, cause issues like what you are seeing.