How to set up SketchUp with Office 365 in school

@Steve_Ketchup can you pls add our school domain to your whitelist? and
With kind regards, Cor

I’m the admin of our school and I’m concerend about giving sketchup the rights to have full access to all our one drive files!
How do you guarantee to not misuse this right?

Your domains have been added to our whitelist, please let me know if you have any additional issues accessing SketchUp for Schools.

Hi @hwallinger,

I appreciate your concern for your students privacy. Since SketchUp for Schools saves files to student’s One Drive accounts, the app needs permission to save and organize files. Beyond that, SketchUp for Schools does not capture any personal data or attempt to access or alter other files in your drive.

Our team is dedicated to transparency in regards to how we are keeping our customer’s data private and secure. SketchUp for Schools complies with all U.S. federal regulations defined in COPPA and does not capture any personally identifiable information (PII). For more details on the SketchUp for Schools terms of service, please see: SketchUp For Schools TOS | SketchUp

For complete details regarding the privacy policies of the various free and paid SketchUp products, please see the following privacy notice: Privacy Policy | SketchUp

Hello Steve,
thanks for the clarification!

Hi Steve,

I am trying to resolve a problem using Office 365 + Sketchup at our school.

Only admin acounts (e.g. mine) can use Sketchup web app without a problem.

The rest of users (teachers, students) receive this error: Need admin approval
SketchUp for Schools needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant. Please ask an admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it.

The microsoft documents and the youtube video posted here does not seem to be helpful.

If whitelisting our domain will resolve the problem, then please whitelist us.
Our domain is

If whitelisting is not enough, then I am totaly confused.

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Jiří Vondřička


where did you find these settings?
I was looking everywhere but without success…

Thanks in advance, Jirka

I have added your domain to our whitelist, which will resolve any issues with Microsoft blocking your domain from using a K-12 app but you will still need to grant SketchUp access to your drive as @hwallinger pointed out.

Thanks Steve, where can I find that setting that @hwallinger pointed out?

… after many attempts I found a way to get it working. It’s a shame that Sketchup is free for Microsoft 365 schools but Sketchup support is not able to give a specific guidance to make it working. I have spent many hours trying to achieve it and as the procedure is not simple, I guess others will have the same problem as me.

For those who also struggle to find a way and cannot find answer for their questions, let me share how I solved it:

  1. Open Microsoft 365 admin center
  2. Open Azure Active Directory (show all)
  3. Enterprise applications > Manage > All applications
    click + new application and find “SketchUp for Schools”
  4. Sketchup for Schools > Properties
    Enabled for users to sign-in = yes
    User assignment required = no
    Visible to users = yes
  5. Enterprise applications > Manage > User settings
    Users can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf = yes
    Users can consent to apps accessing company data for the groups they own = yes
    Users can add gallery apps to their Access Panel = yes
    Users can request admin consent to apps they are unable to consent to = no
  6. Wait 60 minutes and then even a non-admin account should be able to use Sketchup online

Good afternon I need to release my domain, please .

Would like to get our school whitelisted also.

Our domain is
Email: or

Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you!

Can you help me ?

I already released the app in Microsoft | business applications.

Even so, my users still can’t authenticate, the message always comes of the need for administrator approval. I, as an administrator, can access it, because I grant pemissao when asked, but an ordinary user does not.

@ Steve_Ketchup I have done all this but do I still need our schools whitelisted becasue we are getting the admin aproval still?

We are also getting the Need Admin Approval. We use o365
Would like to get our school whitelisted also.
Our domain is

I have added your domain to our whitelist, please let me know if you continue to receive the same error message.

Good Afternoon,

I am still receiving the same error message. I am trying to login with a test teacher account h********** Please let me know if the real email will help you

Thank you,

Hi Joel,

In order to access SketchUp for Schools, your admin will need to follow the standard approval process for your platform.

Our whitelisting system doesn’t bypass the standard app approval process, it just solves an access issue that occurs when educational users try to log in with a domain such as .net or .org that gets mistaken for a commercial account.

Good Morning,

I contacted o365 support and they provided me the following link Configure the admin consent workflow - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn. We are good.

Thank you