Sketchup For Schools EDU Access


I am trying to gain access to use Sketchup for Schools. I have the Marketplace App enabled / pushed in my Google Admin Console, but it does not allow us to use it.

We are a K-12 district.

I am assuming something needs to be enabled on your end.

Please advise.

Hi @MikeRuss! As long as you’re set up with G Suite for Education as a primary or secondary school, you should be able to access S4S as there is nothing for us to enable on our end. If you’re still having issues launching the app, can you please fill out this survey and we’ll look into it? Thank you!

I’ve noticed an odd thing I don’t understand:

-When I’m logged into Google and simply on the Google home page (, clicking on the Google Apps menu and then on “More” at the bottom of the menu won’t show the SUfS app.

-If, however, I use the Google Apps menu to go to either my school G-Mail page or Google Drive page and THEN click Google Apps->More and scroll down, there it is.

I don’t understand this behavior. It may or may not be why some people are having trouble finding the app.

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