Sketchup for schools doesn't work

When attempting to use SketchUp for schools I am prompted with the following error message:

“Are you in the right place?”
“SketchUp for Schools is only available for students and teachers in primary and secondary education programs. Learn more.”

I am one of the IT technicians at Oakwood High School and I have tried logging in on using both the account provided to me by the school and a test account that is registered as a pupil account, both revive the same error message, this may not be relevant but i have also tried using Google classroom on both accounts and they can both access it without any issues, if I am not mistaken Google Classrooms is restricted to just Google accounts for education.

Exact same problem here. We’re a Goole for Education school ac I’ve tried to use Sketch Up using a teacher’s account and a pupil account. It always says “Are you in the right place…”

Hi @w.dabbs: Can you please fill out this Google form so we can better assist you?

Thanks for filling out the questions listed on the other thread. The Google form I shared with @w.dabbs has the same questions, and I have shared your responses there. Thanks for your patience while we get to the bottom of this!

Thank you for the quick response, I have filled in the google form we look forward to hearing from you.

Hi would it be possible to revive an update on the status on this, all accounts are still unable to access sketchup for education using accounts.

Hi @w.dabbs,

We are still looking into why your school is having trouble accessing SketchUp for Schools. There are only a handful of K-12 schools with the same issue – we are hoping to uncover a pattern and get to the root of it soon. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, I might suggest clearing the cache on your Chrome browser, and also ensuring that you have the latest version of Chrome (62) installed. There is no guarantee that this will fix your issue, but other educators who have run into the same problem reported that they were able to access after clearing their cache.

If you need access to SketchUp in the very near future, let us know if you have a lab at your school where client software can be installed. We can provide your school with SketchUp Pro 2018 licenses in the meantime, while we work to resolve the access issues in SketchUp for Schools.


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And just to be certain, have you already deployed SketchUp for Schools from the G Suite admin console before attempting to log in?

We are having the same issues, but only for random students. Our work around solution we’ve found is to have students go to, log out, then log in on SketchUp. This works most of the time for us.

We are also having issues with my school. I just signed up. We are a gsuite for education school and I cannot get Sketchup to work. It says are you in the right place.

Same symptoms for me. Ran through the deploy instructions. Worked initially, stopped working within an hour or so of initial deployment. Affecting all users for us and workaround described above has no impact.

Just gone through our change log and realised what I did to cause this problem for our site. I disabled Google Classroom, because we don’t use it. It would seem that needs to be on in order for you to use Sketchup. I would imagine rather than just integrating with Drive and Classroom it also depends on them.

Hi @admin1,

Thank you for following up with an update. SketchUp for Schools is dependent on Google Classrooms being enabled, as Classrooms differentiates G Suite for Education accounts from personal or business accounts. Please note that while Google Classroom must be enabled for SketchUp for Schools to operate properly, it does not need to be used as your LMS.


Hi @joy,

The requirement for Google Classroom is really disappointing. I understand what you are suggesting about enabling it and just not using it. But, that really isn’t a solution for us.

At our school, we can not have a second LMS enabled for our teachers, students, and parents that cannot be audited by the academic administration. Google Classroom is nice, but it is missing all of the SIS integration and reporting we need. Enabling Classroom will add it to the Google Apps Launcher. That would make it really easy for teachers to discover and start “accidentally” using.

There are other 3rd party edu Google apps we have installed from the marketplace that work well without the need for Google Classroom. Brainpop, Lucidpress and Lucidchart come to mind. They were able to verify we are an educational organization.

If you could somehow change how the verification of edu accounts works, that would help us out greatly.

We have been using classroom for several years and I still get this error when trying to sign in to Sketchup with my school google account.

Thank you

Hi @mpinkerton,

Are you the administrator for your school? If not, you will need to ask your school’s admin to deploy SketchUp for Schools. More information can be found in this post.


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