Students cannot log in to SketchUp for Edu


The students in my district are unable to log in to SketchUp’s edu app. I am able to, but the students get the “Are you in the right place?” message. We have enabled SketchUp for Schools on our domain; in following the link provided on the error page, SketchUp for Schools has been installed and in Google Workspace, sign-in with Google has been allowed.

Our domain address is

Thank you!

Hi @ashley.sopila, thanks for the email. I am happy to add you to our database right now. Just give the database a few minutes to refresh and then you should be all set to deploy the app. Just make sure you follow all the instructions as you deploy the app as improper deployment can cause issues later on.

Hi Casey,

Thanks for the response! I tested logging in today with my test student account and that account is still giving the “Are you in the right place?” error. When I log in as myself on the same device, it immediately logs in and allows me to use SketchUp for Education. The app is installed on the devices on our domain. Do you have any other suggestions for me to try? The students are able to access the free version of SketchUp when logged in to their Google accounts.