Are you in the right place? Authentication error

Hi, years ago I posted about this with no fix.

My school wants to start using sketchup for our students. In our org, we use Google Classroom for our younger kids, and our HS kids use Canvas LMS.

We have installed Sketchup for Schools for all users in the organization. When attempting to login, we receive the classic, “Are you in the right place” error.

This is frustrating. My administration would like to move forward with this asap.

Please assist me.

Our domains are,,,

Thank you.

Hi @cschneer sorry to hear you are seeing that error message. The top two causes of that error are an improper deployment or a firewall issue.

We should start by ruling out the firewall issue as that is the fastest to fix. As I was able to locate your site via the domains you posted I can confirm you are qualified for SketchUp for Schools and will get you added to our database of approved domains right now. By the time this post is live, our database should have refreshed and you should be all set to go. Let me know if that fixed it or not. If you are still seeing the error we can keep troubleshooting.