Sketchup for Schools Caught in Authentication Loop

@ksealey I’ve added your domain to our whitelist. SketchUp for Schools requires an additional sign in upon launching even if you are already signed in to Chrome. The login authentication error typically occurs when Google fails to recognize your domain as an educational account.

Please try logging in again and let me know if you run into any more trouble.

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We are getting the same here

Would be great to be added to the whitelist.

Any update on whitelisting

We are still having authentication issues.

@glenn.crane Sorry for the delay! I’ve added you to our whitelist so you should be all set! Please let me know if you run into any more login issues.


Could you also add and
To the whitelist


@walkerjhs You are all set!

please add to whitelist

@tischmidt You are good to go.

awesome! thank you! It works.

Hello, could you also add to the white list?

Many thanks in advance.

@tj48 I’ve added you to our list, please let me know if you continue to experience login issues.

We are having issues signing in. We are Gsuite users. The domain admin can sign in, but nobody else. Perhaps we need to be whitelisted? The domain is
Many thanks.

Can you also add who will sign on via their Microsoft accounts.

Thanks again

Both of your addresses have been whitelisted, please let us know if you continue to see any issues.

Will do, many thanks.

Hello! Can you please add our school’s domains? and


I can log in fine under my teacher account, but for some reason my students are stuck in the loops. This is making our distance learning extremely difficult :slight_smile:
Could you add and
Thank you!

@kt1 Your domains have been added to our list and you should be all set. Please let me know if you have any additional login issues.

Can you add domains and please? I keep getting this message. Thank you!

@sleedy you’ve been added to our whitelist!