SketchUp failed to open document

i’m working on an important project on SketchUp When I close the file and reopen it, it shows me a tab can’t open the document
I really need the file and I don’t know what to do
please help me

I downloaded the file to google drive I really hope you can help me

Can you show a screen shot of what you get? I was able to open your file with no problem.

I note that you aren’t using tags correctly. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. In your model that isn’t the case.
Screenshot - 10_22_2021 , 8_21_45 PM

It would also be a good idea to purge unused stuff once in awhile. This reduced the file by nearly 32%.
Screenshot - 10_22_2021 , 8_24_43 PM

There seem to be a lot of extremely heavy components in your model. Most of them are overly detailed for the way they are used…

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Did it take a while to open the file? For me, SketchUp is still trying to open the file. I will let it continue to try for now.

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It shows me a tab like this

SketchUp 17_03_43 04_33_29 ص|276x169

It took a little bit but the thing is obese! I expected it to take a little time.

Since you’re here I’ll leave it to you, @colin

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I got into work too and forgot about it
How can I open the file for me now?

I am proud to take over. My guess is that it’s going to be a new issue that I will ask the developers to look at, but I will wait to see if the file ever opens for me first.

I did go ahead and ask the developers to take a look.

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So the fact that I was able to open it with no problem is neither here nor there?

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That is odd, and on my Mac it I still trying to open the file. It is bound to be important, when compared to files that immediately tell you they won’t open. Hence getting the developers involved right away.

That’s odd, is my pc the problem?

Not according to @colin but I didn’t have any trouble on my PC. I guess I’d wait for him to hear from the developers.

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I don’t think so. The file didn’t yet open for me on Mac or Windows. I’m unsure why it opened for Dave.

Evidently I was doing it wrong.

Hey, it did eventually open for me on Windows. Here is a 2020 file so that you can carry on working:

I will still see what the developers say about the file.

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No, I think you had more patience.

I get it,Thank you for giving me your time
Please I want to ask you about using tags correctly, how can i do that?

Thank you so much for giving me your time

thank you soo much i’ll try open it now
but why it’s 1 GB ?

2021 files use a compression scheme. They are often half the size of the 2020 file.

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