SketchUp failed to open document

oh it’s okay
The most important thing is not to lose the file

I was running bootcamp on a Mac (with Radeon) the downloading took longer than openening (1min:15 sec).
Purging the file took 4 minutes or so. Opening that purged file into Trimble Connect Desktop took even longer (9 min)
Turning on the visualiser then took only 20 seconds, but is not that fast in handling.


If you look in your folder, you probably have another file with the same name. Always have 2 files with the same name as backup.

You have to right click and choose “rename”. But you just delete the last word “.skp” and write “.skp” again.

hello i have the same problem, can i ask how to lower the version of it so i can open it to myself? waiting for ur reply, i would need info to open my file as same huge file as nada’s, how can i open it again? :((

hi dave pease i have same problem
if i send to you the file can you try to fixed for me