Sketchup crashes while v-ray render with new GTX 1060 6gb card

Hi everyone, I have big problem and I hope that someone here can help me to solve it.

I bought brand new graphic card, Gigabyte Aours GTX 1060 6G 9Gbps. I have i7 6700k, 16gb ram and 700w power supply. When I start with render, after few seconds or minutes, monitor lose picture for about 2 seconds and Sketchup crushes, and also all other programs I have activated, Photoshop, Autocad, Viber… (Stopped working). While rendering, v-ray use CPU, I didn’t activate hardware acceleration.

I tried almost everything to find out what is the problem. I reinstalled Sketchup and v-ray, I reinstalled drivers for video card, I tried to render with drivers from Gigabyte website, from Nvidia website and from CD I’ve got in the box of video card. I also tried to install older version of Sketchup, tried to update BIOS… Nothing helped… I decided to pull out graphic card and try to run render on integrated Intel graphic. It worked perfectly, without interruption. I also installed Sketchup 2016 where I have option to turn off hardware acceleration, so I tried to render and it also worked. So I definitely think that problem is with graphic card, but I don’t know what exactly. Before this card I had GTX 950 and it worked fine. I also noticed that when I instaled GTX 1060, I haven’t got better performance, it’s almost the same like before.

I hope someone can help me, because I am becoming really desperate. Thanks!

It’s best to ask this in official Vray forum in order to get a proper response.

Do you mean GPU acceleration? What happens when you activate GPU acceleration?

GPU doesn’t increase SketchUp performance if you mean that. But it improves your render times etc.

Yes, I meant on GPU acceleration. I will ask there too.

I thought that GPU improves zooming or orbiting. Because moving through the model is slow.

I am no expert on this topic but yes, you are right, GPU handles that sort of ‘graphical stuff’ that you can think of. However it doesn’t necessarily mean that will improve performance for navigating through the model, because CPU still involves the process tightly.
Take a look at this post (and topic) for example:

And sometimes ‘downgrading’ your GPU driver might solve problems, try that and see if it helps:

Also note that SketchUp only uses one processor of the CPU as stated here: SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements.

Hi had the same problem with this video card. After updating the drivers everything was just fine. Driver version: 385.41 from 08/24/2017

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