Sketchup crashes everytime I open the color palette

Recently, my install of SketchUp 2023 (Version 23.1.341) crashes every time I try to choose an option, such as ‘Colors in Model’ within the Paint Bucket window. This happens whether I have a model file open, or even when I have a new project open with no objects created. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks!


That’s actually pretty unacceptable if true. Sonoma has been out long enough for Trimble to get their act together by now and release at the very least an update that’s more stable on Sonoma.

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This is something specific to this specific update to Sonoma (14.3) which first became available a few days ago . The recommendation is to submit bug reports to Apple to help them gather data at their end.
From what I understand this issue did not happen in any current or future version of SketchUp prior to Apple making a change.

Let’s hope it is a bug/error at Apple’s end , rather than some kind of discontinuation of a function that SketchUp uses. Errors are usually more easily rectified


Makes sense and will do. It has been a recent issue that’s started occuring. Thanks!

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I know it’s a less than ideal workaround - but you could use your pro version of to do material related functions . The web app isn’t affected by this.


I have the same issues, what is weird is I’ve been on sonoma for a while and SU was working perfectly, it’s only since 2 days that i have this problem. Which is really a problem, I have a project to present to a client and I’m loosing so much time with the apps that crushes everytime!

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Evidence that it was not a change in SketchUp but rather an update from Apple that broke it as @Elmtec-Adam indicated.

BTW, please update your profile. It shows you are stil using Yosemite.

I have crashes since the latest macOS update a few days ago when moving the color palette on screen. I dont move/resize it, and wait for SU24 :slight_smile:

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Hello David,
thanks for your message.
how can the problem be fixed ? I cannot work this way
here the message from this morning when SU crashed again.


and BTW how/where do I update my profile?
king regards

same on M1 chip using Ventura 13.6.1… Sketchup 2023 last version build.

You said in the other thread it was a different issue.
What exactly is happening?

i have the same issue with the materials pallette causing crashes with sketchup 23 and sonoma 14.3.

Here the same :frowning:

I have same issue. Do you know if there’s a problem-fix coming soon? I can´t work like this!
It all started when I upgraded to Sonoma this morning…

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The release dates for future versions are not published, nor is the roadmap. So when 24 will drop and if it will support Sonoma are guesses. In the past new versions have appeared generally in the first half of the year, before summer.

If you can downgrade that might be the best option for now.

It happens to me every-time I open the paint to use a texture in my model, Im using Apple M2 Ultra with macOS Sonoma 14.3, it happen in the V-22 and V-23, same crash report, I’m saving my model to earlier versions such as 19, or 20, but not able to use the 3D warehouse, because it mention that it is not supported to those versions, please find a solution to this problem, because it is annoying, specialty I have to reopen the recovery file always and repeat the missing unsaved work,…
please help…

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Hi @fbassaj, thanks for the post and sorry to hear you are having difficulty. We have not changed anything in SketchUp and the problem is with the new operating system update. It is not something we have control over but we have reached out to Apple to make sure they are aware of the issue and last I heard we had yet to hear back from them. We are working on a potential fix too, but we do not have a release date that we can share on that.

In the meantime, you can roll back your OS to a stable version or use the web version as there have been reports that the web version does not have the same issue. I realize that this is not an ideal situation but we are doing our best to make it work.


I have the exact same problem after upgrading to the latest Sonoma version. And I have the pro version of SketchUp 23.1.341

multiple crashes every time i change material

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Colin gave a partial workaround here, but until apple fixes their change, or until next SU update, I’m afraid it’ll crash.