Sketchup crashes everytime I open the color palette

Hello, I am using a 2022 Macbook Pro M1 and lately when I use Sketchup Pro 2022, the program crashes when I go from the ‘colors in model’ tab to the ‘colors’ tab. Every single time I try to open the colors tab, the program crashes immediately and I get a bugsplat notification when I reopen it. I have uninstalled the program and installed the 2023 version and it is still doing the same thing. Any suggestions on this?

Can you post a screenshot of the bugsplat pop-up?

Hi. a bit troubled here :

your profile says you’re on SU2023, your message says you’re on SU2022.

Are you running Ventura ? if so, is it crashing on 2022 ? because 2022 isn’t officially supported by ventura, most people have had an ok experience, but for some, it brought crashes.

If you’re having crashes on SU2022, can you try SU2023 ?

Hi, sorry for the confusion! I was on SU2022 when the crashing started happening as I mentioned. I decided to try and uninstall it completely and then reinstall SU2023 to see if maybe that would fix the problem. It did not, it immediately crashed again as soon as I opened the color palette tab. I am on Ventura. Do you know if 2023 is supported or not? Maybe I should try going back to 2021?

Hello, this is the report that comes up when it crashes, I get the Bugsplat notification once I reopen the program.

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2023 is supported. that’s one of the things it solved, support for ventura.

your crahs report might help, you mention a bugsplat, if you sent it using the same email as in this forum, Colin will find it.

I did look, and couldn’t see any, for 2022 or 2023.

I hadn’t sent the report but I just did now.

Thanks. I see other people have had a similar crash when doing other actions. I’ve asked the developers to see if they can spot what the crashes have in common.

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Hi @ShannaFlodstrom , I have the exact same problem with my trial Sketchup Pro 2022, although my Paint Bucket allows me to use most of the palettes. Well, I get a red screen bug once I try to select “wood” palette. Of course I lose everything once the red screen appears and when I reopen the project I can then choose and paint using the wood palette. However, when I decide to use the wood palette later, it will then happen again. Please if you get a solution let me know, thanks in advance!

I now can’t get through a session of using Sketchup without it crashing on me multiple times. I have to save every 5 minutes because it crashes so often I am always losing work. Anyone else have this problem? It’s very frustrating.

Is there such a thing as a corrupted texture file in SU. It would be akin to a corrupted font or other resource. If SU doesn’t do the right checks on loading a texture or other resource…Just spitballing here.

I see, that makes sense as it tends to crash when I am loading a material or texture. It is constant though so it is not the same texture each time it crashes. It crashes every 10 minutes or so it seems, so a whole lot if I am working on a model for multiple hours.

It could be a plugin, I’ve had similar issue, it was a plugin that wasn’t supported for the sketchup version I was using, if you’ve installed a plugin recently try uninstalling it and check if the program crashes.

Ok I’ll try that, thank you!