Sketchup Pro Crashing Constantly

I can open the app and make a few adjustments to my drawing and then in nearly always crashes and takes me to the bug page within 30 seconds.

Crash #195175

I’ve closed all other programs. Unintalled and re-installed the the app, updated operating system on my mac. restarted, etc etc. and nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

I tried copy and pasting the geometry into a new file and doing the purge unused trick and it still crashes in the new file after that’s done.

Pls help

I’ve also been sending the bug reports each time and reaching out to customer service via the form and get no response. Maybe the worst customer service experience I’ve had from any brand. Would cancel if I hadn’t spent so much time learning the system and the file i’m working on is nearly complete.

apparently you took many many steps but you didn’t check on the forum.

top left there is a big magnifying glass, click on it.

then type something like “sonoma crash”

look around a bit, you’ll find plenty of people with the same issu. and it’s addressed here, by Colin, who works for sketchup

edit : oh yeah, if I sort by latest topic, it’s the 5th result.

but to be fair, any of the 6 top result contain the answer.

And now I’ve answered your question, please go introduce yourself to the rest of the community.