Crash after coloring


Hi all,

Whenever I wish to color a drawing SketchUp Pro (Version 23.1.341) always crashes .
On our Apple computers with M1 and M2 chips it is always like this.
On our intel i9 computer we don’t have this.

What have we already done according to SketchUp support:

  • uninstalled the Sketchup application from the Mac
    -remove Sketchup folders in “Application support folders”
  • delete the .plist files
  • delete SketchUp-related file in the " Preferences folder" ending in .plist to the trash

Which they recommend but is not feasible:
Reverting Mac back to Ventura.

Enclosed also the link to the screen recording.

Thanks for your feedback!

Els & Dries

Update the Mac OS.

it was a crash caused by macos sonoma 14.3 and fixed in 14.4


  • The Mac Studio is at Sonoma 14.3.1 and up to date
    Idem for the MacBookPro M2.

Okay . I’'ll try a forced Mac OS update.

I was not aware that a 14.4 existed.
A forced update to that version was performed and it seems to work.
Fingers crossed!
Many many thanks for the tip!