Sketchup crashes everytime I open the color palette

Every time. Every, single, time. It’s absolutely unreal how bad this is. Layout also crashes during ridiculous times. I don’t know or really care whose fault it is. As a creator, I simply want it fixed and soon. And I have sent full bug reports to both Apple and Trimble and included a description with the report.

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Thank you

I have just upgraded my mac and now have Sanoma 14.3 - sketchup crashes everytime I try to use the paint bucket. I also can’t open my files in the web version?

you can. and since you have pro, it means you have the whole package, so online you can create and apply your materials.

it’s plan B.

Hello! Just chiming in here to join the ranks of folks experiencing this issue.
I’m running SketchUpPRO Version 23.1.341 in a MacBookPRO / M3 Chip / Sonoma 14.3.
And that little paint bucket triggers a crash EVERY time I prompt the command.
Oddly comforted to know it’s not a me-issue… and appreciate the info in this thread. Will see about implementing some of the tips and work arounds shared here, and in the meantime SAVE SAVE SAVE.
; )