Crashes EVERY time color pallet is open and I attempt to switch to a different material - for any material pallet change within

EVERY TIME I attempt to select a different pallet in the material color pallet, Sketchup crashes. Every time. I am on a MacBook Pro / M1 Max / Mac OS 14.3.1 (23D60) / 64 GB Ram / using SketchUp Pro for Mac V23.1 and my file is only 31mb, happens on any size SU file, every time. PLEASE HELP I need to add colors and materials throughout my model and can’t crash every time.


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mac os sonoma bug. not much to do, rollback to a stable version, use the web interface, or wait for SU24 when it finally comes.

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I have gone in and erased the update, I reinstalled sketchup and it still is crashing everytime i use the paint bucket.

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Hi - I have been troubleshooting this issue today also - I realize it is file based an not all my SU files crash on this pallet issue, only one file is doing it, the rest are all good. The one that is crashing was originally built by a collaborator on a PC version, using a different rendering engine plugin on his PC Sketchup. Not only is that file crashing but it also has bracketed viewing on the left and right sides are dark areas where it is cropped for screen view. I asked my friend to remove the bracketing from his view and resave the file in a legacy version and resend it to me. Maybe it was built on the pC in SU 24 and my Mac version (23.1) errors ? Im guessing until I get the file back - will let you know if that is it. Good Luck!!

This new crash happens mostly with Sonoma 14.3. 14.2.1 didn’t have the problem. The crash should only happen if you change which materials you are viewing, or if you resize the Colors palette. If you are only picking a currently visible material, and painting a face with it, and you get a crash, that would be a different issue.

Not actually true - the crash is only happening on one SU file and not on any other of my files. I think it may have to do with a SU file being built on a PC version SketchUp Pro 2023.1.3 and then sent to me to work on in my MAC version 23.1. He uses a different render engine than me (Enscape on MAC) and I think this is the problem possibly…. will find out when I receive the updated file saved in a legacy version. I will keep trying but no it is not on all files on my MAC after updating to the new OS.

yea only when I switch to a different pallet within the color materials pallet does it crash - not when I select a color without switching the pallet.

this is the bracket view that came with the PC built file I am working on now on my MAC version. This file crashes on the pallet selection and will not lose the bracketed safe screen view. I think this is the heart of the issue - the PC SU version has a render engine added on and may be corrupting the pallet and view on my Mac version

If you got the time like that it’s possible that the other person used vray and activated safe frame, you can get rid of those using advanced camera tools, it’s a plugin now but it used to be a native tool, with that you can get rid of all the cameras on the model.

Darn, edited my post by accident.

unlikely. the render engines don’t interact if they’re not installed. if you had both enscape and vray installed on your machine, yeah, maybe, but you only have enscape.

Here is a video I just made. I used the advanced camera tool Francis mentioned. it has a toolbar, and a button to remove safe zones. that’s it.

as you can see, I can resize the colour panel, and change pallet, because I’m using Ventura, not sonoma, like explained in the link I posted (and Colin later)

So you have two separate problems.

  • The safe zone can be easily solved by a free extension (made by sketchup), OR by asking your colleague to turn it off in vray.

  • The crash will have to wait for SU24 release, or Apple fixing what they broke. or you rolling back to a previous Sonoma version if you can.

meanwhile, as I said, you can still use the web interface to apply materials. I know, it’s cumbersome, but it works.

Something to know: Advanced Camera Tools is no longer installed by default. The PC user may have the extension. It won’t affect the Color palette crashing issue, but if you need to use the advance camera tools features, you can get the extension from here:

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My Mac is crashing every time I choose a different palette too. Are you guys talking to apple about the issue? It has basically made Sketchup unusable and is completely screwing up all of my projects. Sitting around and waiting for SU24 isn’t really an option unless it is coming out today.

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Unfortunately, we cannot get Apple to make changes to their OS. This was one of the main reasons we did not list Sonoma as a supported operating system. As was suggested in the linked thread, you can drop back to an older version of OS… alas, there just is t much else we can do right now.

A patch would be nice.

I am on a company laptop, i got it with Sonoma installed.
Its not like the only application i use is SketchUp.

SU2024 please !
This palette crashing problem is so depressing.

Exact same thing. Any time I need to change materials, I have to remember to save my drawing ready for the crash. Interestingly enough, when I re-open, the new material palette is selected and I can keep going.

This is a critical bug and should be patched. We should not have to wait for the next major release, right?

Also, can’t check for updates in the app either - says I have no internet, but that’s filed in a different thread.

Brand new laptop, can’t downgrade it from Sonoma 14.3, so suggestions to “not install new OS’s” dont really help.

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Yes I’m finding my muscle memory is kicking in and I too do this same thing. Save file, select materials palette, wait for crash, re-open file, send bugsplat message and get straight back to work. Frustrating for sure but until Trimble get their ■■■■ together it’s all we can do.

Hello, it’s a really frustrating feeling when I can’t finish the project and the client has to wait. I really do not understand you as a software manufacturer, that you do not respond to the problem and wait for the 2024 version. Your approach threatens me that the client will penalize me for not meeting the delivery deadline!!!

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So, like everyone else here, I’ve been putting up with this crash for a while, but I’ve been skeptical of the finger-pointing at Apple for this one. I am by no means an ardent supporter of Apple developers, but a little Googling reveals that there are essentially no other apps dealing with color picker issues in recent months.

Playing with LLDB and debugging the crash in SketchUp, I don’t buy the current excuse(s). Sorry Colin, but it looks like your developers have some concurrency issue with the embedded Chromium framework, because all it takes to see this is to run the SketchUp executable in LLDB and cause the crash, then read the result when you drop into the debugger…

* thread #1, name = 'CrBrowserMain', queue = '', stop reason = Simultaneous accesses to 0x600002e67108, but modification requires exclusive access
    frame #0: 0x000000019bdf1564 libswiftCore.dylib`_swift_runtime_on_report

The crash won’t happen unless you’re on the SketchUp textures tab of the color picker, so it’s clearly related to SketchUp’s unique scrolling view placed into the color picker. It may be that this crash happens now while it didn’t happen in older macOS builds, but it is historically common for Apple to change internal implementations over time… Plus, you’re now dealing with a lot of Swift code that uses blocks which introduces a whole new level of concurrency issues for those not intimately familiar with threading and concurrent access.

Personally, I’d really critique the block parameters you’re passing, around and within your usage of the Chromium APIs.

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