Sketchup Crash with GTX 1080 - Cant find read card memory - HELP

Hi Sketchup guys,

I am a long time sketchup user I just took a new job and decided to build a monster of a computer. GTX 1080, i7700, water cooled, all the jazz…this computer is killing in revit etc. BUT, everytime I try to open sketchup make 2017 it bug splats, (mind you it doesnt with my older version of sketchup 8. Here is a bunch of screen shots of things I have tired per different advice I have found.

My GTX 1080 definitly has way more than the required Memory. - Thoughts?

Any help would be extremely valuable.



That message is due to a known error in the Microsoft utility Checkup calls to test your graphics card. For various kinds of cards, the utility returns a bogus memory value. You can safely ignore this message.

Are you sending in the BugSplats? If you label them with your email and this forum topic, someone from the Trimble team can give you more precise diagnosis of what is going wrong.

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Thanks for the reply slbaumgarter, yeah I figured something had to be off with the memory value. Everything I have read, sketchup has no issues with the new Nvidia cards. I have sent in the bugsplats with my email, just waiting to see if I can get a response soon. When I/trimble figure out the issue, I will post the solution in case this is a problem for anyone else.


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