Strange Results From SketchUp Checkup


I am baffled by a SketchUp 2017 Checkup result. It tells me that my NVidia GTX1070 graphics processor has only 1Mb of memory when NVidia control panel confirms it ha 8192Mb dedicated memory. I have the GTX1070 set as default card for SketchUp so Checkup shouldn’t be seeing Intel 630 integrated card also fitted to my laptop. The laptop is new and has Core i7 8th Gen processor, 256Gb SSD, 1Tb HDD and 16Gb Ram. I find Sketchup Make 2017 is working much faster than my old laptop which Checkup said had borderline graphics memory [hence new laptop with GTX1070]. Any thoughts or similar experiences?


that’s a known bug, if you did a search on it you would find numerous similar posts, I hope SKetchUp fixes this as it causes unnecessary confusion


It’s actually a problem with the Windows utility that Checkup calls to get information. However, that’s been known for some time now. Hopefully the Trimble team is working to clarify the report from Checkup.


SketchUp / Trimble should probably take a look at how CPU-Z ( does it as they seem to be able to extract the correct information on a Windows machine.


Thanks Julian - good to know it’s not just me! David


Thanks for your help. Might have known Windows would be involved. Strange that checker tool had not been withdrawn as it seems to just cause unnecessary grief and not help anyone.