GPU on new Graphics card not recognised



I have just upgraded my Graphic card to a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Sketchup 2017 is running next to useless, so much so that Formit is now starting to look good (and that really does drive me crazy lol)
I then downloaded the Sketchup 2017 Checkup and it says that my graphics card memory has less than 1mb.
What do I need to do for Sketchup to recognise that it has 6GB of GPU at its finger tips please?
Is this just a bad design fault in the software as I am noticing a lot of people are having the same problem and are back grading to a previous version (my previous version is Sketchup 8) but I haven’t been able to find a solution as yet.



Checkup reporting just 1Mb memory is a bug in the Microsoft utility that Checkup uses.

Try opening the nVidia control panel, and tell it to use the nVidia card for SketchUp.

There are many related posts on this forum.

SU works fine with your card, I understand.


It is also to be recommended that you check from the Nvidia website that you are using the latest driver for your card. Drivers installed from a disc included with the card or autodetected by Windows are not always the latest or the best.



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