Sketchup Check shows error message about graphics card memory


Error: Your “GeForce GTX 1070 Ti/PCIe/SSE2” graphics card has 1 MB of graphics card memory. SketchUp requires a graphics card that has 256 MB or more of memory. Note: if you think this error is incorrect, see Help > Documentation.
But according to windows 10 my graphics card has a total available memory of 16349 MB What is going wrong with my Sketchup installation?


The message you report doesn’t indicate there’s anything wrong with your SketchUp installation. It shows that CheckUp exposes a Windows bug and that’s all. You can ignore it.

That said, when you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer file and choose Run as administrator?


@zipster1967 Look at the NOTE box under “Error 6.” in the Results and what they mean section on the CheckUp download page …

… then please read the entire page if you need to understand the results of running the utility.


CheckUp is something of a UX disaster. I would recommend simply installing SketchUp and check if it works. It is just as easy as installing CheckUp and the result is easier to understand.

And no, you should not have to read a full help article just to understand what the result of the check says.


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