Please tell me about skechup requires a graphics card memory

i used geforce gtx 1050 ti 4g oc ,but i run sketchup checkup , sketchup show " you graphics card has 1 mb of graphics card memory " . how to do?

I used win 10 64 bit , 16g memory

Hi there @sukumwit2002

Through Window > Preferences > OpenGL settings what do you see when you clic on Graphic Card Details?
You can take a look on your nvidia control panel.
Have you get sucess using that graphics card in some games or other programs that require some kind of good Graphics Hardware?


That false memory report is a bug in Windows. Ignore that number.

a window show like that

Thank you @sukumwit2002

But DaveR is right, it’s a false memory report, I think you can find more information here:

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