SketchUp and macOS High Sierra



I haven’t looked for them but I guess I’d search Release Notes in the Help articles.


We flipped the update, so if you launch SketchUp 2017 and click SketchUp->Check for Update, it should provide a link to


How is there no release notes???







Thanks, High Sierra it is then.


Hello, could you please check my Bug Splat Report?
I am running SU Make on 2016 MacBook Pro and made the update for High Sierra some days ago. It worked fine until today, it suddenly crashed during drawing. Now it won’t start again.

Thank you


You will need to download the M3 release of SU 2017 Make, which you can find here:


Hi Mchandler

Thank you for your input. Unfortunately this does not fix the problem.
SU launches normally, and shows the starting page where I can see Learn, Licence and the units. But when I press on Use SU, it instantly crashes.

Do you have an other idea what could fix the problem?


Your crash seems to be related to the Materials panel color swatches. You can check on the “Chiclets” panel in other apps, and perhaps clearing these out if you don’t mind? We had a bug 10 years ago where we put SketchUp materials onto the Chiclets, and we could make other apps crash. Maybe some app is doing that to us now? ;-/

I did clear my color swatches by doing the following:

quit SketchUp
then in Terminal, type:

rm ~/Library/Colors/NSColorPanelSwatches.plist
killall cfprefsd

Then relaunch SketchUp. Let me know if that clears up anything.

Locked out after Bug Splat sketchup 2017

Thank you Barry.
When I copy the first line into Terminal, it responds:
rm: /Users/dominik/Library/Colors/NSColorPanelSwatches.plist: No such file or directory
The Colors folder is empty on my Mac. I checked it and opened the folder manually, there is nothing inside.

Do you have an other idea?


Is your color panel swatches empty? I added some back. See that I added 2 brick materials, and in other apps, only the background value shows up (instead of crashing other apps, like we did 10 years ago).


Note: in the next thread, I point out that this picture can’t happen in High Sierra: it slides all your swatches consecutively. It also gives you a way to delete them in the UI. Read below.


OK, I played around with this during a meeting, and High Sierra has some new behavior, which leads me to believe there might be some new issues. 1. Apple doesn’t let you add colors into random positions: they go to where you drop them in, or at the end of the line. 2. You can delete them in the chiclet panel by hitting the delete key when they’re selected via ctrl-clicking and get the blue halo selection. But I can’t repro the crash.

What other apps do you use and from which you would have placed colors on the Chiclet panel?


Pictures always help:


I’m on 10.13.1, so things may have changed since 10.13 came out. For me I can briefly click on a square and it gets the blue halo, no need to control-click. When you press Delete that one is deleted, and if it’s not the last one the one that was next to it is then highlighted. If it’s the last one, then the new last one is highlighted. Makes it quick to delete a lot of them.

One amusing thing is that you can drag any of the squares to the Trash in the Dock, and the color will be removed from the palette. Nothing appears in your Trash though!


Hello Barry
What do you mean with other apps? In other software I use on my max like Photoshop? I don’t have there similar Color Panels…
I cannot open SU to open the Color Panel window, so I think I cannot delete it.

Maybe I get in wrong? Has anybody an other advise for me?


First, try holding shift then double-clicking to open SketchUp (open without opening previous documents). If that doesn’t work, does clearing the color panel as I listed above work?


Hello Barry, Shift while opening does not help…

When I enter your code above into terminal I get following error:

BlockquoteDominiks-MBP:~ dominik$ rm ~/Library/Colors/NSColorPanelSwatches.plist
rm: /Users/dominik/Library/Colors/NSColorPanelSwatches.plist: No such file or directory
Dominiks-MBP:~ dominik$

thank you


Ok, if you confirm that (a) shift click to open actually opens no documents so we can rule out a model causing this and (b) when you open ANY app, like TextEdit, and hit cod-shift-C and you have no Chiclet colors, we’ll have to try something else.