[SU 2017 Make, Mac OS] Random order of colors/materials in materials window


A few days ago, I installed the beta of MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra). The first time I used Sketchup (2017, Make) after the update, the Materials > Colors > Texture Palette window shows materials in all libraries in a random order – not alphabetical/string. The material locations and names didn’t change.

Right now, it seems like the only way I can fix this would be to rearrange the material palettes manually – tedious dropping and dragging. Is there another, easier fix to display materials in alphabetical order? I dug into the Library and .app files, and couldn’t find any config files that I could tweak to fix this.

I hope you haven’t gone beta on your production system. That said, SketchUp 2017 does not yet support this future version of the OS, but SketchUp developers are testing and collecting issues that may arise.

Is the order random and different every time you open SketchUp, or is it a reproducible, non-alphabetical order that doesn’t make sense to humans?

Is the order random and different every time you open SketchUp, or is it a reproducible, non-alphabetical order that doesn’t make sense to humans?

It has the same non-alphabetical order every time I open Sketchup – not different every time, but certainly different than before the OS update.

My production machine is a Windows 7 box. :slight_smile:

That sounds like something that could be caused by the change of file system (APFS), maybe an unsorted glob or a change to case-(in)sensitive ordering. These things are still changing in APFS.

Opened multiple times, and opens every time exactly as 2017 on Sierra for me. Not sure what’s going on for you.

Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Like @Barry I’m not able to reproduce the issue.

Here’s the “Colors - named” list from the Mac.

And from the PC.

On mouse-hover on those, do you notice a number pattern? They’re all numbered, and usually go from 0001_PaleVioletRed to 0137_Black.

Yours look like (guessing)
126, 113, 42, 105
128, 90, 24…
no real pattern.


is it happening in other apps or LayOut?


John - haven’t checked other apps.

Barry - yup, no real pattern, and out of sort order, whether the texture name begins with a number or letter.

Just a dumb question: What does the Colors collection look like (it is basically the same with only numbers, no names)? The OS might be ignoring the numbers and sorting the colours alphabetically…

No rhyme or reason to the sorting. Even for the material libraries there there’s no numerical prefix.

But you DO get the name of the material when you hover over it with the mouse, right?

Is the sorting thing solved? I have the same n latest SU and MacOS HS

No, not as yet. The randomness results from a change in the way APFS handles filenames in a particular low-level directory read function that SketchUp evidently uses in several places. This change has also broken various extensions that relied on assumed order when loading Ruby files.

Hopefully it will be resolved in SU2018 which could be expected soon

j’ai moi aussi mac high sierra, et j’ai rencontre des bugs chaque fois que je déplacer les outils ou quand je voulais tout simplement le changer de grosseur ! tout simplement en le rapetissant… Par la suite bugsplate m’est apparu et plus rien … je ne pouvait même pas le réouvrir!! Je trouve ça réellement dommage puisque je suit un cour et j’en ai besoin pour ce cours…j’ai désinstaller et réinstaller deux ou trois fois la version sketcup make 2017et même 2016 … je ne sais plus quoi faire… pourriez-vous me donner une solution svp

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