SketchUp and Hard Drive Imaging




We recently purchased SketchUp Pro 2017 (we’re an academic institution). We have a certain number of network licenses.

I will install Sketchup Pro 2017 on a master computer, and place the activation_info.txt placed in the correct folder. This master computer will then be imaged and duplicated to other computers in the classroom (using the Microsoft-approved method of using Sysprep and then distributing the image via Windows Deployment Services).

My question is - can I run Sketchup Pro and do Apply License before imaging the computer? Or must I do Apply License on each imaged computer?

My understanding is that the license is assigned to the computer when SketchUp is run each time, so I’m guessing that I can do Apply License on the master computer only, is this correct?




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Thanks Dan.

From the 2nd link I got the answer to my question, that I should NOT authorize SketchUp on the computer since authorization is tied to the MAC address of the computer’s network card, which of course will be different on the imaged computers.

From the 1st link I got information about the possible need to replace some SketchUp user profile values when using mandatory user profiles. I already do this type of thing for 2 other programs, so while that wasn’t my question it was also important for me to know.

Thanks for your speedy assistance.



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