Question about Network License with System Restore

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There are 3 computer labs in institute and around 100 PCs, all computers are running with a hardware system restore card. Users/students are requested to install their needing software every login, all the data and installed will erase every reboot.

Now, we are going to deploy Sketchup with 30-50 network licenses in our lab situation, there are not all of users and computers need to run Sketchup in same time.

With a system restore every boot, user will run a Sketchup installer own if they need it, and will copy an activation_info.txt file to hard drive after installation completed for the Sketchup activation. User will shutdown/reboot when they are leave, PC will restore to a system without Sketchup installed in next time boot up.

My Question:

As Sketchup will activate with activation_info.txt file, it is easy to ask a user copy a fils to activate it after installed, but there are very difficult to request a user deactivate it after use, most of them may just click shutdown/reboot when they leave.

May I know will the network license hold if just a system restored?
If, is there any way to release it? (Sketchup is not installed/available in next system boot, since system restored)

Any suggestion for best practice in this situation . Many thanks.

The network license should release fairly shortly after the client loses connection with the licensing server.

Are you using web licensing or are you hosting the license server?

Ideally you want the activation_info.txt to be included in the system restore - if you provide it to users, then they can take those details and do what they want with it. As you can’t restrict access to a key you can lose access to seats should a user give their key away or worse, sell it.

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There is one situation where the license isn’t returned to the pool, students may find the option to borrow the license (use offline) in the welcome window, which keeps that from the pool for the days indicated when ordering. One might adjust the welcome screen .html window in the program files, so that option isn’t exposed to the students.

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