SketchUp 8 Trial expired, unable to switch to Network License

I have a 5 seat network license for SketchUp 8. One of my users had their free trial expire and I’m unable to get past the welcome splash screen to access the help menu to set the network license file. I’ve reinstalled and scoured the entire registry and install drive to find where the license information is stored but it remains in the expired state no matter what.

If you are having an issue with your network licenses, you should probably reach out to your sales rep.

The welcome screen in SketchUp 8 has a License tab. Can you get to that?

The old network licenses had a .dat file (cannot remember the exact name, possibly license.dat) that can be found in the program installation folder (under Program Files), if I remember right in the Support folder. Copying that over from a computer where the license works should work.

Something else to know, when you changed from 3 seats to 6 seats, the authorization code on your license changed. I just told the license manager to email your current license, to make sure you get the details right.

Thanks Colin! I was able to activate using the license information you had sent to me. I wasn’t aware that entering the information in “authorize license” would allow me to select the license file, I thought it had to be done from the help menu in the main program window.

Be well, and thanks everyone for your help.

Thanks Anssi. Colin sent me the info I needed so I didn’t try this, but I’ll keep in mind for any future license issues.