Setting a Network license file


So i want to set a network license file, but when i load up sketchup it comes up with “your sketchup trial is over”.
The way i understand it i need sketchup to be loaded so i can go to help>license>set network license file.
Is there any other way of doing it?


in the SU splash dialog click at ‘License > Add License…’:


The network licensing scheme has been totally changed in SketchUp Pro 2015. Network licenses are managed by Trimble servers over the Internet and you no longer have to set up a network license folder, as it was in older versions. So connecting to a network license is identical to activating a single-user license: You enter the user name, serial number and key code.



what i want to do is set a network license file as my license.

This is what i want to do but i’m stuck on “sketchup trial has expired”


What version of SketchUp? Your screenshot is not from version 2015. Version 2015 has a single License… item that opens a browser dialog like the one in Norbert’s screenshot.

If you are trying to authorize an older SketchUp version with an existing network license, it can also be done by copying the “server.dat” file from the computer of a colleague using the same license to yours. The file resides in Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUPXXXX.



right, i think that is 2014.
is there any way to download SketchUp 2014?


Authorize SketchUp with a Network License