Sketchup 2024 -- KEEPS CRASHING

I just installed 2024 version, OMG… Not to mention some extensions crash for no reason, now when I used the measurement tape it ALSO crash.
Anyone have any issue with that? I am not deleting the 2023 version yet, not until 2024 is stable …

What operating system are you using? Your forum profile says “IOS” which doesn’t make any sense. What graphics card? Please correct your forum profile.

What happens if you go to the Sketchup graphics settings and change to the ‘classic’ graphics engine? The modal says that it should work with new windows but I found the quitting and re-opening sketchup ensured that the settings took effect. New graphics engine is enabled by default and is a new feature in 2024. I found that classic graphics allowed me to use 2024 again.

I’m curious.

YES I am using IOS mac. version
Graphic Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB

Sorry Should have been more clear. I’m using macAir 2017, not window.

@mkchan ,

I’m also using a Mac. Either way, I participated in a thread where I pin-pointed behavior with v24 and the new graphics engine. Using v23 or v24 (with classic graphics on v24) is fine.

Thank you Dan75.
I changed the graphic and it works now. Some of my extension still not function well, but I will need to wait for extension creator to update.
Thanks for the tips!!!

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IOS is the operating system for iPad. If that’s the operating system you are using then you must be running SketchUp for iPad, not SketchUp Pro.

I don’t believe Apple ever put an Intel HD Graphics 6000 into an iPad. That GPU is quite old; from 2015 or so.

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:joy::joy::joy: yes my air is quite old. They did put intel chip then change to A chip… most recent is M chip

So then you are NOT using iOS.

Check the system requirements. Can your Mac run recent versions of MacOS?. SketchUp requires MacOS 11 or newer.

Mkchan, I just downloaded the 2024 update for windows and having the same issue. 2 weeks after you started this thread and there are still constant crashes

Same here - WIndows 10. If using the new graphics engine on complex/heavy models, my PC will occasionally lock up and I will have to press and hold the power button on my tower. This hasn’t happened with 2023 or using the “Classic” graphics engine in 2024. Staying on the classic until there’s an update.

Nvidia A6000 with latest drivers.