Mac intel 2019 with external gpu new 2024.0.554 crashes

Up graded to 2024.0.554
Made it worse, crashes, lose the extensions.
Close and re start, tags and other floating windows go light grey.
Restart and then it works for a while, then freezes.
Recent Mac up grade as well.
Come on sketchup get it sorted, instead of subscribers having to get sorted.
What is the problem as per normal install just replaced the sketchup and not the extension as per standard max app upgrade.
If I have to do a whole new reload, it takes another day out of business. Alread re installed 2024 twice whole new.
Makes it hard to use professionally.

Also Intel Mac 2019 top of range with external blackmagic pro gpu
No issues with 2023

Have you tried switching to the Classic graphics engine? Is your display driver up to date? What version of MacOS are you using, is it new enough for SketchUp 2024?

Latest JC operating system.
App set for external graphics card at Mac settings

Sorry latest Mac system just up dated. Two days ago, notice when apple up dates operating system sketchup slows

Was working with 2024, just a 204.0.554 just crashy