SketchUp 2023 New Update Text Tool Bug + Confusing Icons

The new SketchUp update (ver 23.1.340) seems to have a bunch of bugs according to some posts. One that I’ve noticed and has been very frustrated about is using the Text Tool. When using the text tool the first time for labeling, everything is fine. However, after placing the text, then trying to use the tool again to label a different object, the tool won’t snap onto lines anymore. Instead, I am forced to use ‘screen text’ which is not want I want. I have to wait a few minutes for it to work again.

Furthermore, I can’t even select the text I just placed either. Normally, when using the Text Tool, I can hover over an existing Text and it would turn blue and allow me to select the text and move it around. Not with the new update. I could not do that after placing a text down. Again, I need to wait for a minute in order to use the Text tool normally again. This is really annoying and is causing an unnecessarily long time to draft.

Not to mention, these new cursor icons are not intuitive either. For example, why does the icon for the tape measuring tool need to have a big red ‘+’ sign next to it? It makes me mistaken that as the selection point for that tool when it’s not. Very frustrating to use. Also, the eraser icon. The line next to the erasing point is unnecessary and confuses me as well. The circled point on the icon is already enough to let me know that’s the erasing point. Adding a line next to it makes it so much more confusing.

I have noticed the same. I don’t remember if this glitch has been mentioned here before. @colin ?

For me, clicking on the text label tool again turns inferencing back on for the next click, no need to select a different tool. This is what I do until this one gets fixed.

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The problem is a known one, and is fixed in our internal builds. I can’t give an estimate about when the fix will be in an update.


I don’t know if you are aware of a bug that forces one to move the cursor a few times or zoom so a new tool, usually a plugin, works, it wasn’t like this in the past, I could go from one tool to another and use it immediately.

I just fiddled around and found another “reset” that works without having to run all the way to the toolbar button.

After the first placement, right-click to bring up the context menu, then click outside the menu in clear space.
The tool is reset.


  • The ESC key is not resetting the Text callout tool like other tools.
  • Nor is using the shortcut assigned for the Tools > Text menu item.
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Cool…this has been a little frustrating.

Have there been any reports of a similar issue with other tools? (eg the draw edge tool)…Ie found snapping in general to be a little jittery with the latest release. It’s not an easy issue to record.

Is there any way to revert back to the older version of SketchUp 2023 to avoid this update until the bugs are fixed?

Yes, there are a couple of the native Boolean tools that also do not reset after use. They are the Trim and Split tools.

One used to be able to export a pdf from LO as “high quality”. Now, there is no options. Does it export automatically at high quality?

You don’t remember right. You can set your output resolution for raster -rendered SketchUp viewports and images in the Document Setup>Rendering dialog. Also, for better quality, you can turn off the “Use JPEG Compression for Images” option in the PDF Export Options dialog.

The delete key doesn’t work in Outliner. Must click right-click/Erase.