Text Tool Stops Working

The Text tool stops working. Here’s what happens:

  1. Click the Text tool icon (“A1”)
  2. Move the cursor to a point on a component until a dark dot appears, and click
  3. Extend the arrow line to where desired, and click
  4. Enter the desired text in the box
  5. Click the mouse pointer outside the box to end that selection and text assignment

Now the problem begins
I cannot click anywhere on the same or another component since the dark dot never appears again.

The only way I’ve found to make the Text tool work again is to click on the tool icon again.

This is a serious problem. It’s aggravating and it slows down my work.

I’m running SketchUp Pro 23.1.329 64-bit in Windows 11.

Is there a solution to this problem?

It’s a known issue and the developers are working on it. Until a fix is released maybe a keyboard shortcut would be easier than restarting the tool with the mouse. Or add labels in LayOut instead.

It’s good to know that it’s a known issue. I look forward to the next software update.

Alas, using a shortcut to access the Text tool does not work. I must always click on the Text icon to re-invoke the Text tool. I don’t use Layout.

Also experiencing this. Not only does the text tool stop working, all of the tools stop working until I exit, and re-invoke the text tool and exit again.