SketchUp 2023 for Windows repeatedly crashing when using Materials

Hi - all of a sudden SketchUp just freezes whenever I click on anything to do with Materials - trying to load a new material / editing the material etc, it just locks up and I can’t do anything. I have to force quit in task manager. I have uninstalled the app, reinstalled, run as administrator, still the exact same issue. I am at my wits end now! What am I doing wrong?! What can I do to fix this? Any help much appreciated.

Your profile states your CPU information.

Do you have a separate GPU ?

If you have a separate GPU – have you updated the driver directly from the manufacturer’s website ?

Are these things actions that would normally open a new dialog, if so it is probably opening off screen.
There are various options to get a stray dialog back, sometime just unplugging any extra screens can fix it.
Or look here.

OHMYGODDDDD thank you thank you thank you!!! THIS WAS IT!!! Stupid hidden dialogue box hiding off screen!!! I can’t tell you 1) how stupid I now feel :rofl: and 2) what a legend you are for basically saving my sanity, thank you!

I almost didn’t read the thread because you said it was crashing, but it wasn’t crashing it was appearing to lock up. The giveaway was that you had to end task.
Be more careful with your thread titles in future.

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