Sketchup crashes when I open materials dialog (Solved) (nope, back again)

Hi There,

Today I started using the webapp and it keeps crashing on me. This happens when I open the materials dialog and it only happens when I am working in a specific project file (my only one for that matter).

I don’t know why it crashes (Chrome shows a message that the webpage has failed). RAM and CPU usage are stable and low. The project file is 13 MB after cleaning unused items.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Components that you have used in your model but deleted remain in the In Model components. Go to the Components window , select the In Model components (house icon) and scroll to the bottom of the list. Click on the Purge Unused button.
Screenshot - 1_1_2018 , 11_11_13 AM

Then go to Materials and find the same button. Click on it to get rid of unused materials.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your quick reply, I found it while you were typing the reply and edited my post. The file is now 13 MB (instead of 64) but unfortunately there is no difference. When I click materials it crashes after about 15 seconds.

Did you try purging unused materials?

Unfortunately I can’t get there. When I click on Materials it crashes :frowning:

I thought you had 15 seconds.

Try uploading the file to the 3D Warehouse and then opening it from there in a new SketchUp Free session. Or share the link and I’ll try purging the file for you.

I’ll try that and get back to you. I was not clear, when I click on Materials the screen freezes for 15 seconds and after that it “crashes” (chrome shows the message).

I can’t find how to open the model in a new session from the 3d warehouse website. I see I can download it, view it and edit it but this only edits the metadata.

I have set it to public and the file can be found here:

Thanks in advance for having a look

See if this works for you?

This worked like a charm, thank you very much Dave!

Could I have done anything to prevent this and to fix this myself?

Probably the best thing you can do is purge unused components and materials immediately after you’ve discarded a component you’ve downloaded from the Warehouse. Don’t let the garbage collect.

It’s also wise to download components from the Warehouse into a separate file for inspection and to make sure they are suitable before adding them to your model.

Will do, thanks again!

Well, there we are again unfortunately…

After being away for two weeks I decided to continue with my model. 30 minutes in the same issue is back. Lost my progress (again) because of the crash and as before am not able to open the materials menu without it crashing.

Can you help me out or explain how I can fix this by myself?

The model can be found here:


I’m afraid I don’t have an answer but maybe you should install the desktop client of SketchUp and use it for what you want to do.

Why in the world is your simple room model 22 Mb? The curtains and the chair contain a whole lot more geometry than they need to, the fireplace has a bunch of unneeded geometry and materials that could be removed. and there are loads of unneeded materials along with a few unused styles.

Am doing just that as we speak. I have a feeling Sketchup Free isn’t quite there yet which is not solely based on the instability. Some friends saw my renders at a party and gave it a go for their homes but gave up after one evening.

Ironically after just starting Sketchup Make the first screen I see is telling me The future of free 3D modeling is here, Sketchup Free.

I don’t really have a right to complain about a free product, but if it was me I would invest a couple more sprints in it before releasing (or make it very clear this is beta, not Google beta, but beta beta).

Anyway thanks again, let’s see if Make works for me!

I cleared out some of the junk from your model. See if this behaves better. It needs more cleaning, though.

SketchUp Free is in a state of continuous updates. Still, at this point the desktop client versions have many more features but that’s changing every week.

SketchUp Make will continue to be available and like SketchUp Free both are for non-commercial use.

Thank you, I missed your edit on your previous post concerning the issues with the chair and fireplace. Both are from the 3D warehouse and were made available by the company that sells these items. As a novice user I am not able to judge these models but I will delete them from my room.

I’ll create simple objects to represent the furniture. Won’t look the same but it will have to do.

As I wrote the other day, you should import files from the 3D Warehouse separately to evaluate them and perhaps edit them. Unfortunately the fact that they were supplied by the manufacturer or retailer does not imply they are really suitable for use in your SketchUp model.

What is the application for the model when you are finished with it? That is, how will it be used?

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As per your suggestion earlier I did try them in a new file first. Unfortunately all I could determine is that it did not crash. Part from that I don’t know what to look for or how to judge the models are ok to use.

The application for my model is to discuss different options for the living room in our new house (for which we will get the key in a couple of months) with my girlfriend, specifically the fireplace. Right now there isn’t one and I would like to create several fireplaces on different locations and with different accompanying wallfurniture (this is probably not a word).

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