SketchUp Free crashing when saving

Program crashes everytime I try to save or auto save kicks in. Thought maybe the files size was too large (~75MB) so I tried to delete some components but cannot save the deletions either.

There have been some other reports of SketchUp Free crashing when a model gets very large. I haven’t seen a definite diagnosis, just the opinion that there may be limits in the browser’s memory or graphics handling that cause these crashes.

What do you mean, you can’t save the deletions? After you delete components or groups from the model space, you need to purge the unused content from the file. Do that with Components, first. In the Components panel, click on the house icon and then on the Purge Unused button.

Then do the same in Materials:

And finally, in Styles.

That may reduce the file size enough that it can be saved.

You might also try downloading the SKP file to your computer directly and see what happens that way.

Thank you! That worked. I was just deleting the actual components and not purging them.
My only concern is now how to complete the project if I can’t use components. The old SketchUp Make no longer seems to work so I can’t work offline. Is Pro the only offline option available now?

Thanks again for your help!

You can certainly (and should) use components in your model. You indicated you were deleting stuff from the model and it wasn’t helping to reduce the file size. SketchUp keeps components in the file even though they aren’t being used in the model space. This can be very useful if you inadvertently delete a component instead of hiding it, for example. You can always retrieve it from the In Model components collection. But that means that components you no longer want are also kept there unless you purge the unused. The same goes for materials. So if you try materials in your model but wind up not using them, they are still part of the file unless you purge them. If you have materials that were on components you aren’t using, you need to purge the unused components before purging unused materials. Otherwise the materials on those components are still technically used in the file.

As for Make–it does still work. Not sure where you got the idea it doesn’t. SketchUp Make 2017 is still available (for non-commercial use).

Technically, you were deleting instances of the components but leaving their definitions, which are the patterns from which additional instances can be made.

But it isn’t clear why you feel you can’t use components. The issue was related to file size, which was excessive because of components with no instances in the model. Why do you need those unused components?

Also, SketchUp Make 2017 (the last version that was or will be released) is still available for desktop non-commercial use.

All the components I deleted and then purged were in use which is why I say I can’t use them. If I put them all back I would be at the same file size and then start crashing again. I just deleted to move forward with the rest of the model.

My desktop version of Make stopped working around the time Free was released so I assumed they just migrated their non-commercial software to web only. I also tried un- and reinstalling as well. I guess I will just try to download on a different computer as I will eventually need to add all of those components back in.

Thanks for all the help!

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