Sketchup Freezing 2

I have been having some issues with my Sketchup. I have two scenarios where SketchUp simply freezes. Doesn’t always crash but has at times.

I just discovered one. Where I am trying to change the section fill in my style and it froze.
The other is if I try to make a copy of material to edit it. It freezes everytime. Every model. No one else in the office seems to be having these problems.

They’re also using SketchUp 2021? And with the same model?

Sounds like you have some dialogs opening offscreen.

Is this real?

It feel like there could be a dialogue open but I don’t seem to have the magic touch.
Let me focus the energy of our foremodelers.

EDIT: Okay. that solved my first problem! Still have the material editor issue

We all run 2021. It’s a problem with all of my models. Specifically the material edit issue

So it’s not a problem with the models. Is there still a window opening off screen?

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Probably when you click the create material icon.

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Everything is good now! Thanks Box and Dave!