Sketchup Pro 2021 Repeatedly Freezing - Functions not working

Anyone have a solution for Sketchup Pro 2021 that keeps freezing when trying to add sections, add materials, make components, import stuff from the 3D warehouse? When I try any of these fuctions nothing happens except my cursor locks and I get bonged at. Repeatedly. I can release the cursor by clicking ALT/SPACE at the same time, then selecting CLOSE, however none of the functions work. I’m working in Windows 10 64bit with NVDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, and Sketchup is working from this, not from the CPU. I have also updated to the most recent drivers. My reseller in AU was no help at all.

Have you been using SketchUp on an external monitor that has been disconnected?

Hi - I have a two monitor PC set up. It was working fine until last weekend. :frowning:

Hi Anssi - I found the problem - for some reason the pop-up window was hidden. I used the ALT/SPACE then MOVE commands, followed my lots of arrows until the window showed up! Good to know for next time.

…after you hit once one of the arrows, you can move the window with mouse move… :wink: