Sketchup freezes when creating component

sketchup freezes up when trying to create a component.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled, downloaded latest version of sketchup, no change.

Have to shut down sketchup from task manager to close program.

also, model info won’t open a window to adjust font
I am running dual screens and it isn’t on the other screen or behind other apps
other windows pop up, just the model info? strange very strange.

Please don’t start another thread on the same topic. That just creates confusion.

Did you try what Dave suggested in the other topic?:

If that doesn’t work Click on Window>Model Info and then while it has focus, press alt and space together, then m, then tap any arrow key and without clicking , move the mouse around until the window appears.

Try the same fix for when the create component window doesn’t appear.

thanks for the quick responses

Restarted computer, now the model seems to be working for now.

make component hasn’t change. still freezing up, very strange.
what keyboard keys make the create component window pop up, looked but didn’ t see it. Alt space with M doesn’t bring up the model info panel.

spacebar delete G freezes up program, also. It adds the axis’ to the screen but is frozen and the selected lines are high lighted in blue.

task manager shows 0% under CPU, 99.2 MB under memory, not changing.

make group works fine.

If you open another app (eg. the webbrowser) and resize it to be smaller, then hit Alt + Spacebar, what options do you have?
‘M’ after that keycombo is for the English version of Windows. If you have another version, you will see which character you have to type after that combo.

alt+spacebar gets a window with
restore move size minimize maximize close

with the screen smaller, when I try to make a component, it freezes and the sketchup window can’t be moved or minimized

another wrinkle.
I tried 2017 make, and make component works fine. So it is seems, 2021 pro that is the problem. I tried and older version 2021 and downloaded a new version this morning same result. Just weird.

Read what I wrote, please. And do ALL of it.

The problem isn’t specifically with SketchUp 2021. The problem is the opening location for the window is off screen.

Dave R, you are the man…

I guess I didn’t understand what you were trying to tell me do before. I do now. awesome
thank you so much.

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