Can't create components

Hi, is anybody having trouble creating a component after the latest update?

No. I haven’t noticed any change. What are you doing to make a component? What happens when you try?

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? There is no 20.7.5

What operating system? ‘10’ isn’t definitive enough.

hi Dave, cant create even the simplest component without it freezing SketchUp.
Windows 10.
I have 20.7.5

The current version of SketchUp 2020 on Windows is 20.2.172 Version 20.7.5 hasn’t been released yet.

Screenshot - 8_24_2020 , 7_01_58 PM

Do you get the Create Component window popping up when you try to create a component?
Screenshot - 8_24_2020 , 7_03_23 PM

Sorry Dave 20.7.5 is my Plusspec Build V
no it is freezing before the window opens

How about updating your profile with the correct SketchUp version, operating systerm, and graphics card?

Are you having trouble with making with SketchUp or with Plusspec? Please describe exactly what it is you are doing and what is happening.

Sounds like the component dialog is off screen making it appear to freeze.
Hit alt with space, then m, then tap any arrow key, and without clicking move the mouse around until the dialog appears.


That was it, thank you

Since that was the problem you should probably reset the workspace incase any others are off screen too.

Go Window/Preferences/Workspace and click the Reset Workspace button.
Naturally if the Preferences window doesn’t open use the method above to retrieve it.

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