Sketchup freezes when using "make component" command

It seems sketchup freezes when using “make component” command. I thought it would be my connection to our server but does the same when I use the make component command on my local hard drive.

I just got a new dell precision laptop and has the specs to run the software. This just started happening today.

Does this happen for all models, including a new one with minimal geometry to make into a component, or only for some models?

When does it freeze? Do you see the component dialog? Did you disconnect an external monitor?

This happens for all models that I do. It is not just the one I am working. I did not disconnect an external monitor

Try what Box suggested in this post, just in case the component window has somehow gone offscreen.

Try just hitting return. Does it unfreeze?

It does not unfreeze when I hit return. Sketchup just crashes now when I use any component in the software.

It freezes after using the make component. I have to close out of it now and re-open.

Is this new behavior for you in SketchUp 2019? If it is, you should look at what has changed. Clearly SketchUp 2019 hasn’t changed since last year.

Since it might help and definitely won’t hurt, try repairing the installation of SketchUp. Find the downloaded installer or get it from and right click on it. Choose Run as administrator from the context menu. Then if you are given the option, choose Repair.

Did you actually try what was suggested?

Yes. I will remove the program and re-install to see if that fixes the issue.

Why don’t you try repairing the installation first like I suggested yesterday?

Hi Dave,

I will be doing that this morning as you suggested and will get back to you guys.

Thanks for the help!