Sketchup frozen after opening file

Hi, I was working on a model before it froze and I had to close the program with task manager. After trying to open the file again I was unable to to click on anything on the sketchup window (not able to minimize the screen or edit model etc…). This problem still occurs when opening a new untitled sketchup file too. I have reinstalled my graphics drivers and reinstalled sketchup and still having the same issue. Everything on my computer is up to date. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Try holding down shift as you open a new model.

Hi, still no good. Also tried running as administrator too.

Some questions to see if we can get further.
Do you have multiple monitors?
Have you changed the screen setup recently?
What were you doing when it froze?
Are you using a Dock of some sort?


Yes but have only been using laptop screen, have disconnected my monitor and tried opening the file again with no luck.

No I haven’t changed the screen set up recently.

I was applying material a v-ray texture to a large amount of surfaces. This probably was the cause of the crash but it shouldn’t have caused the continual freezing of the application? I had saved a version of a file before starting to apply the textures in-case the model crashed and that version of the model has the same issue as does any file I try to open on sketchup.

No I am not using a dock.

Appreciate the help


Managed to fix the issue. I removed some extensions manually that I had recently installed and that has fixed the issue.

Thanks for your help