Sketchup freezes when opening (model screen is visible but nothing moves) without bugsplat

Hi everyone,

I am a Sketchup Pro subscriber and use the 2022 version. Whether I open an existing file or a new one, the model screen gets displayed (I see the model but I cannot move around) and then it says in the window “Sketchup doesn’t respond”, or something like this because my Windows is in French). There is no bugsplat, it just freezes until I force close the sofware. The rest of my computer apps are running fine in the meantime, and it happens with both big files and totally new empty Sketchup files. I have 2 graphic cards, both with up to date drivers, one is the default Intel one (HD Graphics 630) and the other one a Radeon RX Vega M GL. I use Windows 10 and my computer is an Acer Aspire 7 laptop. I think Open GL is working fine because I can open Google Earth and move around with 3D buildings without issues. Sketchup is already set to use the Radeon graphic card in Windows.

Btw I had an issue with AutoCAD 2018 yesterday (it would not open and there was an error message) and had to uninstall it. Not sure if those are related and if I deleted some files that would be required for both. It might also be totally unrelated.

I already uninstalled the software and redownloaded it from the Sketchup website, but the problem doesn’t go away. I never had such a problem before and it could become a real problem for my work if I can’t solve it quickly (or buy a new computer). I’m not sure what to do and can’t find any solutions on internet, thank you very much for your help, it would be greatly appreciated!


Have you connected or disconnected external monitors lately? You might have a dialog box opening off screen.

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I have actually (just came back from vacation where I only took my laptop), and I usually only select the other monitor for my display, I changed to display both monitors (laptop and external) but could not see any dialog box on the other screen so I’m not sure this is the issue. I also disconnected the external monitor and reopened Sketchup on the laptop screen but the same problem occurred. Thank you anyway as it could have been this and I would have never guessed!

Hello again everyone, I found the solution!
In the end I realized this was due to the fact that I updated Enscape to the latest version, I had forgotten that this was creating some problems likely due to my AMD Radeon card. So I uninstalled Enscape, reverted to version 3.0.0 +39546 and now everything is good again. I also need to mention that since I had to revert to an earlier release from Enscape, it didn’t work with Sketchup 2022 and I had to reinstall Sketchup 2021 instead.
Thank you for your help!

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