Sketchup (2021 Pro) won't start anymore - projects open in a blank white screen

Hello fellow sketch-uppers,

i’ve been using sketchup pro 2021 for about 2 weeks now without any issue untill 2 days ago.
When i wanted to continue working on my project, i noticed that i couldnt acces it.

When i open sketchup, it will show me the ‘Welcome to sketchup’ screen with the selection of workspaces for a new model. however, when i select one to open a new file, a blank white screen pops up that isnt accessible. Sketchup doesnt freeze or anything, its just not accessible. it’s frustrating because a day earlier it worked just fine and nothing has changed.

does anyone know a way to fix this? i’ve updated my windows with the latest additions and i’ve tried re-installing sketchup without any success.

Kind regards

SketchUp Pro doesn’t do silent updates and there hasn’t been any change in the past few days anyway. So, you need to probe around for what on your computer did change.

Particularly for Intel Integrated graphics, broken driver updates by Windows 10 have been a chronic problem for SketchUp users. That could happen silently at any time. That would be the first thing to check. You might try downloading a driver from Intel, not Windows, and see if that helps. You might also try changing the setting for “Use fast feedback” in SketchUp->Preferences->OpenGL.

Thanks for the suggestions.
i’ve updated the drivers with the latest from the intel site. unfortunately that didnt work.

Is there a way to edit sketchup preferences without entering the program? since i cant acces the workspace, i also cant acces the preferences :(.

What happens when you click the mouse in the blank white window, or you press a key on the keyboard? Is it possible that there is an off-screen dialog box that SketchUp is (for some reason) waiting for input? Has this computer been used with a multi-monitor display setup?

When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator? To make sure SketchUp is installed correctly, do that now. If prompted, choose Repair. After that, shut the computer down complete and restart. Start Sketchup. Any improvement?

This could be the problem yes. when i click the icon of the window in the taskbar a few times, i see the window go to the left side of my screen.
I’ve used it with other monitors. but if i unplug all other monitors from my laptop, it will still have the same issue.

Do you think i need to change certain display settings?

Here is a recently reply from @colin to another topic with some Windows 10 keyboard sequences that might help locate or move some window:

Mr Dahl… you are a legend!
this did the trick :slight_smile: .
seems like i was being bonged at too.

thanks everyone for the support! it’s very much appreciated.