Sketchup Crashing / pixelated frozen screen


I’m having issues with SketchUp on my laptop. I should have more than enough capabilities to run the program without any issues so not sure what’s happening.
Thought it might have been file related originally but it seems to happen to even a new model/file with very little in it.

The screen freezes & goes pixelated. The only way forward is to force close the program & reopen it.

If anyone has any advice/troubleshooting ideas let me know.
I’ve tried opening “as admin” which gives me more time but doesn’t fix.
Have checked up graphics are up to date.

Go to the AMD website, download and install the newest driver for your graphics chip. Integrated graphics? Try if turning off Fast Feedback (Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL) and restarting SketchUp helps. Otherwise it might be a fault with the driver’s OpenGL support or even a hardware problem.

Generally, integrated graphics are not recommended with SketchUp. Lately, I think, people have posted less problems with them, but to me it seems very few use AMD integrated chips.

Update your drivers for sure - things going pixally that’s a classic graphics card hardware related error.